WOW! Workout of the Week #12 – 3/4/2012

“The Integrated 400″

This week we’ll add another element by using one of my favorite fitness accessories: a deck of cards!

Complete a circuit of four exercises of your choice (suggestion to follow) and select a weight where you can do 15 or more repetitions for each exercise.

Suggested Exercises: Complete the same exercises you did last week on WOW #11:

- Bent Over Row
- Dead Lift
- Arm Curl
- Shoulder Press

Or You can complete this routine using body weight exercises if you prefer, such as:

- Push Ups
- Body Weight Squats
- Supine Pull Up
- Body Weight Lunges

To start, get your deck of cards and turn over the first card. You’ll complete the number of repetitions shown on the card for the first exercise. Turn over the next card and again complete the number of repetitions shown on that card for the second exercise, and so forth. Once you’ve gone through each exercise, simply repeat the circuit until you’ve gone through the entire deck of cards. With four exercises, you should be completing 12 sets of each exercise. As you can tell, the number of repetitions you complete each set will be random and the total number of repetitions you complete for each exercise will most likely vary as well.

How many reps? 2=2, 3=3 and so on; Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, Kings = 13

For Jokers and Aces, instead of completing repetitions for one of the exercises, you’ll be doing the following:

Jokers = Complete 20 Jumping Jacks;

Aces = Take a (mandatory) 1 minute rest break. Grab some water and recover 1 minute before continuing. Since you’re picking cards, you’ll have random rest breaks as well.

In addition to the mandatory rest periods when you turn over an Ace, you can choose when else to rest, but try to finish the workout as fast as possible. Time yourself each day to see if you can improve and then record your results using a workout journal or our workout log.

Have Fun!