WOW! Workout of the Week #10 – 2/18/2013

More Super Setting this week!

Super set A1 & A2; then B1 & B2. Finish with straight sets for exercises C1, D1 & E1 without super setting.

Exercise – Sets / Reps

A1: Single Dumbbell Bent Over Row – 4/11
- Place one knee on a bench and complete the row with the outside arm. Switch sides before super setting with Exercise A2.
A2: Uneven Barbell Bench – 4/11
- Add 10 extra pounds to one side of the barbell. You’ll need to engage your core to keep yourself in proper alignment on the bench. Make sure you keep the barbell horizontally even throughout the movement!

B1: Dead Lift + Shoulder Shrug – 4/7 each
- Alternate repetitions between these two movements until each set is complete. No need to roll your shoulders on the Shoulder Shrug, just tense them up to your ears, and completely relax before continuing with each repetition.
B2: 45 Degree Forward Lunge – 4/7 each leg
- Lunge forward and laterally at a 45 degree angle; then back up to starting position. Alternate legs every repetition until all reps are complete.

C1: Pull Ups! – 20 Total Reps
- Do as many Pull Ups as you can, then rest before continuing with additional sets. If you can complete 20 Pull Ups in less than 3 sets, choose a higher number of total reps on your next workout.

D1: Push Ups! – 50 Total Reps
- Remember your progressions! Just like the Pull Ups, do as many as you can, then rest before continuing with additional sets. If you can complete 50 reps in less than 3 sets, you need to select a harder progression or choose a higher total number of reps to aim for.

E1: Standard Abdominal Crunch – 100 Total Reps
- How many crunches can you do in a row? If 100 is too easy, complete a different exercise, or an additional one, or even try this workout instead :) for a greater challenge.