My Electric Powered Snow Shovel.

A snow storm rolled into town today, and I decided it was a timely opportunity to try out a new electric powered snow shovel I recently received as a Christmas gift. After about 10 minutes, I can tell you that it was both the first time and the last time I will use it! Although it was a nice and thoughtful gift, I’d rather use what I am already blessed with: two arms and legs, a healthy heart, and a strong back! Did you know that a 150 person burns an average of over 100 calories shoveling snow for a mere 15 minutes?

Now, I’m not advocating that you have to shovel snow with a regular shovel, but remember that this and other physical activities of daily living can contribute significantly to your daily caloric expenditure goals. Just from this one activity alone, shoveling snow 15-20 times per year over 40 years is the equivalent of burning 20 pounds of body fat! Over the next week, ask yourself what activities of daily living will you consider doing to increase your daily caloric expenditure, whether it be taking the stairs, walking to the grocery store, or even shoveling snow.

Until next time, ENJOY!