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IHFA Home Workout of the Week # 11

This week we’ll complete a circuit of exercises, resting between each exercise, and then repeat the circuit 4 more times. Use the same weight for all exercises – a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebell, sandbell, sandbag or medicine ball could be used for your weight. No other equipment is necessary!

Here’s the breakdown:

Bent Over Row – 15 Reps
Rest 1 Minute
Dead Lift – 20 Reps
Rest 1 Minute
Arm Curl – 10 Reps
Rest 1 Minute
Shoulder Press – 10 Reps
Rest 1 Minute

Repeat circuit a total of 5 times.

TIME TO COMPLETE: 40 Minutes, plus your Dynamic Warm Up And Static Stretching.


IHFA @ Home Workout #7 – 1/28/2013

Like last week, I want you to alternate sets between different exercises. After completing the first exercise (the Squat & Reach), complete Exercise 2 & 3, then 4 & 5, and finally 6 & 7 together, alternating sets. Rather than doing the exercises superset style however, rest between every set (except as noted below). You’ll finish the workout by completing a few sets of a single abdominal exercise.

Exercise – Sets/Reps

1. Squat & Reach – 2/17 each leg
Standing on your left leg; reach forward with your right hand and touch a dumbbell lying upright on the floor in front of you. The goal is to perform a partial, one legged squat as you squat and reach out. (try not to just hinge at your hip joint!) Come back to a complete upright position. After you complete all reps on one side, switch before repeating both sides again.

2. Incline Dumbbell Press – 3/11
3. Incline Dumbbell Row – 3/11

For both these exercises, set an incline bench to 45 degrees. Use a close grip, palms in for both exercises as well. First complete the Press, then turn around and lay prone on the bench (facing floor), chest support on bench while you row the dumbbells upward. Remember, you are not Super Setting, yet!

4. Body Weight Squat – 2/17 (no weight)
5. Dumbbell Squat – 2/7 (with weight)

OK, Squats are back AND now you get to Super Set! Complete one set of the bodyweight Squat, then go immediately into your Dumbbell Squat without rest. Repeat for an additional Super Set!

6. Bent-over Dumbbell Row – 2/17
7. Push Ups! – 2/17

For the Bent-over Dumbbell Row, make sure you keep your back flat and head in a neutral position! If you’re looking down toward your knee you most likely will have a rounded back. Again with Push Ups, if you’re ready, increase the difficulty by trying a more challenging progression

8. Abdominal Toe Touches – 3/17
See “7 Minute Abs” on side attachment for directions.

Time to Complete: 47 minutes or less, including Dynamic Warm Up and Static Cool Down.
Suggested Rest Between Sets: 47 – 74 seconds.

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Dumbbells, Adjustable Dumbbell Bench, Medicine Ball, and Workout Timer.