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SEVEN MINUTE ABS! Abdominal Workout

The quickest way to a strong, tone torso and stomach since some tried it in 8 minutes.

1. Jonny Rocker’s – Sitting on the floor, legs straight out in front of you and your torso perpendicular to the floor and legs. Holding a medicine ball close to your body and in front of you (right against your belly button), rotate torso to the right, extend arms out as far as comfortable; then reverse movement and back to starting position. Repeat to the left side to complete one full repetition.

2. Ball Crunch – Complete a regular crunch on a stability ball. Don’t let the ball move, keep your heels directly below your knees and your lower back should stay on the ball throughout the entire movement. This is not a Sit Up!

3. Reverse Crunch – Lying on your back with hips and knees at 90 degrees. Without kicking or changing the angle of your knee joint, bring your hips toward your shoulders and butt off the ground, then back to starting position. Keep back flat on the floor at the start/end of the movement.

4. Dumbbell Side Bends – holding a single dumbbell at your side, opposite arm straight at other side. Lower the dumbbell down your side towards your knee (without bending forward) and then reverse direction as you reach to the opposite knee with the free hand. Complete all repetitions on one side; then repeat holding the dumbbell in the opposite hand. NOTE: if you’re doing this exercise holding a dumbbell in each hand you’re C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G!

5. Toe Touches – Lying on your back, feet up, legs mostly straight but knees slightly unlocked, holding a medicine ball with both hands. Without dropping your legs, bring the medicine ball as close to your toes as possible, then return back to starting position.

6. Bosu Plank. Just like a traditional plank exercise, except you place your feet on a Bosu for an extra challenge. During a plank exercise, your body stays in a static, non-moving position; your forearms are on the floor, upper arms perpendicular to your torso and your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles all form one straight line. Also, keep your head in a neutral position!

7. Russian Twist – Position yourself so that you start halfway between the start and end position for a traditional Sit Up, arms outstretched perpendicular to your torso holding a medicine ball. Rotate to the right as far as comfortable and back to starting position; then repeat to the left side and back again for one full repetition.