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30 Minute 5K Interval Workout

In order to complete a 5K in 30 minutes you need to run at an average of 6.2 miles per hour. You can simply run a constant, steady state pace of 6.2 mph or vary your speed during the workout.

While there are an infinite number of ways to vary your speed and still complete a 5K in 30 minutes, here’s one of my favorites:

5 minutes @ 4.7 mph
5 minutes @ 7.4 mph
4 minutes @ 4.9 mph
4 minutes @ 7.6 mph
3 minutes @ 5.1 mph
3 minutes @ 7.8 mph
2 minutes @ 5.3 mph
2 minutes @ 8.0 mph
1 minute @ 5.5 mph
1 minute @ 8.2 mph

You should finish your 5K in about 29:45, depending on how fast or slow your treadmill responds to changes in speed. As you get better at this, you can either increase the overall speed for each segment by .1 mph, or ANY segment by .1 to gradually improve your time. Alternatively, keep the speeds the same and increase your incline by .5-1% when you are ready for a greater intensity.

If you have or create your own version of a 30 minute 5K, feel free to comment for others to use as well. Enjoy your workout!