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IHFA Quick Tip: Components of an Workout

This post is under construction. Check back for more specific details for each component!

General Warm Up: Get up and get moving! Especially if you’ve been sitting for awhile you’ll want to loosen up the body by doing a general (non specific to the main activity) warm up. This could include walking or jogging, biking, jump roping or other exercise to get your heart pumping and blood flowing.

Suggested Time: 5 Minutes

Dynamic Warm Up: A Dynamic Warm Up should include moving the body through various planes of motion (Frontal, Transverse, Sagittal), completing calisthenic type exercises (such as Jumping Jacks) and should include exercises that more specifically prepare the body for the main activity (such as completing Push Ups before performing a Heavy Bench Press). As part of your Dynamic Warm Up, you can also do a lighter version of the exercise, such as completing 10 repetitions at 50% of your workout weight for a particular exercise.

Suggested Time: 5 Minutes

Check out our Official 5 Minute Dynamic Warm Up for Physical Activity here!

Body of the Workout:

- Balance & Coordination Exercises
- Strength Training Exercises
- Cardiovascular Exercises

Suggested Time: 40 Minutes

Abdominals & Core:

Suggested Time: 5 Minutes

Static Stretching: Don’t forget to stretch! You want to stretch your muscles statically (without bouncing) when they are warm, this will help prevent injury, reduce soreness and best improve flexibility.

Suggested Time: 5 Minutes

Total Time: 60 Minutes.

IHFA QUICK TIP – Three extra flights of stairs each day.

A person who walks an extra 3 flights of stairs every day starting when they are age 25 burns the equivalent of over 40 pounds of body fat by the time they are age 65.

Here’s the math:

3 flights of stairs = 10 calories burned (average person). This is also about 3/10 a mile for the average person. Note: Factors vary based on body weight and speed of movement.

So, the average person would burn an extra 10 calories every day, 365 days per year which is a total of 3650 extra calories per year; 146,000 extra calories over a course of 40 years.

There are 3500 calories in one pound of body fat. 146,000 calories / 3500 calories per 1 pound of body fat = 41.70 pounds of fat!

What can you do to burn an extra 10 calories every day?

IHFA QUICK TIP – Anyone can do a Pushup!

Anyone can do a pushup! Try this progression:

1. Hands on wall
2. Hands on counter top
3. Hands on desk*
4. Hands on bench*
5. Hands on floor, knees on floor
6. Standard (military style) pushup
7. Standard pushup, feet on bench
8. Standard pushup, feet on stability ball

* For some, hands on desk or bench may be a harder progression than hands on floor, knees on floor; depending on 1) the strength of your supporting muscles such as the low back and other core muscles developed doing a pushup and 2) on body weight.

IHFA QUICK TIP – Shoe & Sock Balance Exercise

Here’s a great idea to add activity to your daily routine: when putting your socks and shoes on each day, try it standing up! Balance on one foot while putting a sock on the other. From there you can simply progress to putting on your shoes and even tying your laces while balancing on one leg.